(Runners below listed in alphabetical order by last name)



Marathon Qualifier and PR: Houston, 2019 - 2:39:13
2019 Goal Race & Time: CIM, 2:35
How did you get into running? I got dumped! A long term relationship ended a few months before two of our best friends were getting married to each other. I vowed to "look good" at the wedding and knew I needed to start working out. I decided to run. More than just getting me in shape it was taking my mind off the breakup; so, I started running longer, further. I quickly learned my true love was running and it was the only relationship I needed! We now have 8 marathons together (even though a few I don't like to claim!).
How did you become involved with 3RUN2? In September 2014 I read about the crew in Runner's World magazine. A few weeks after reading the article I saw a few runners wearing the 3RUN2 singlet after the Bucktown 5k. I chatted them up for a bit and they invited me to a Thursday #blvds run. I showed up the following week and have been running with the crew ever since.



Marathon Qualifier and PR: Boston, 2019 - 2:46:03
2019 Goal Race & Time: CIM, 2:39:59
How did you get into running? I joined my high school cross country team, knowing I had no chance of making the baseball or basketball team.
How did you become involved with 3RUN2? I was looking for people to run with after I moved to Logan Square in September 2016. I looked online and found 3RUN2.

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Mark Eisenman

Marathon Qualifier and PR: CIM, 2018 - 2:54:10
2019 Goal Race & Time: Detroit Marathon, 2:49
How did you get into running?
I mainly played soccer growing up, but the high school I went to was perennially top 10 in the state and I wouldn’t have gotten a chance to play much for a couple of years. A few friends convinced me to join the cross country team instead and I’ve kept with running ever since.
How did you become involved with 3RUN2?
I heard about the crew from a friend.


Max Frankel

Marathon Qualifier and PR: Illinois, 2018 - 2:43:25
2019 Goal Race & Time: Chicago Marathon, 2:40
How did you get into running? Back when I was in 5th grade all I ever wanted to be was a professional basketball player for the Sixers. So, everyday I shot baskets for two hours and challenged my big sis, Mia, to some one-on-one. Mia set the rules back then, and restricted the speed of play to “medium”. I lost nearly every time. That year in gym class we ran the mile and there was something inside of me that wanted to go “all out”. Perhaps this impulse came from years of being speed repressed during one-on-one with my sister, but that year I set the school record for the mile and realized I was never going to be “the answer” to Allen Iverson’s retirement, but I knew running was for me.
How did you become involved with 3RUN2? I tend to think of myself as a lone runner, but then I adopted my dog Champ and I knew he was now part of my running pack. So there were two—so there was two of us in a running pack. Then I looked for other running groups in Chicago however none would allow dogs. And then I saw these group of runners in Logan Square killing segments on strava. The group welcomed Champ and I in whole heartedly to their Thursday night runs. And I thought wait a second, could it be? And now I know for sure. I just added a whole running community to our running pack, a 3RUN2 running pack.



Marathon Qualifier, PR: New York, 2018 - 3:04:47, 2:59:45
2019 Goal Race & Time: Chicago Marathon or New York City Marathon
How did you get into running? My brother forced me to join cross country in high school.
How did you become involved with 3RUN2? My niece brought me along to a run in 2016- I've been showing up ever since.


Andreas Knudsen

Marathon Qualifier, PR: Berlin, 2018 - 2:52:02, 2:33:53
2019 Goal Race & Time: Milwaukee Marathon or Chicago Marathon, 2:35
How did you get into running? The Copenhagen Marathon passed through the street I lived on for years- I told myself that I would one day run it. In 2013, I finally ran it and I've been hooked ever since.
How did you become involved with 3RUN2? I was moving from Copenhagen to Chicago in 2014 and wanted to meet like-minded people. A friend of mine suggested 3RUN2- On the third week of being in Chicago, I attended my first BLVDS Thursday run. I knew immediately that I found my community and today, my network consists mainly of people that I've met through 3RUN2.



Marathon Qualifier and PR: Indianapolis, 2018 - 2:38:23
2019 Goal Race & Time: Berlin Marathon, 2:35
How did you get into running? I began running in high school to train for soccer, but I soon found out I was better at running than soccer. I ran in college for a year, then took some time off until a friend and I decided to run the Chicago Marathon together. Since that first marathon in 2013 I've completed 7 marathons (3 of which have been Abbott World Majors).
How did you become involved with 3RUN2? I moved from the West Coast to Chicago in April of 2016 and by June I participated in my first Thursday night run. Aaron Baker (aka "Bakes") challenged me to come back the next week, and I've been hooked ever since! The 3RUN2 crew played a pivotal role in helping me establish a solid friend group and a running routine in a new city. Every week begins with me looking forward to the Thursday night run!


Sergio Moreno

Half Marathon Qualifier and PR: Illinois, 2019 - 1:21:50
2019 Goal Race & Time: Berlin Marathon, 2:45
How did you get into running? I got involved in running in 2016 when an ex wanted to run the Chicago marathon. I fell in love with the structure and grind of marathon training and the marathon itself.
How did you become involved with 3RUN2?When I initially started running, I ran with NRC and became friends with people like Andrew, Suggs and Juan (RIP, he’s not actually dead, he just doesn’t run anymore) who told me about 3run2. It took me awhile to go to a 3run2 run but I eventually did and haven’t looked back.


Yesenia Radics

Half Marathon Qualifier and PR: Chicago, 2018 - 1:28:54
2019 Goal Race & Time: CIM, Sub 3:00
How did you get into running? I ran my first timed mile in gym class when I was in high school. After I finished, my teacher advised me to join the track team. Running became my favorite sport.
How did you become involved with 3RUN2? While I was training for my first BQ in 2015, one of my friends invited me to run with the group. I felt connected right away and made great friends that shared the same passion of the sport as me.


Jimmy Schwartz

Marathon Qualifier and PR: Boston, 2019 - 2:54:47
2019 Goal Race & Time: Detroit Marathon, 2:48
How did you get into running? I never would have called myself a runner in high school or college, I still remember protesting the 3 mile run we had to do for gym class in senior year. When I started working full time, I began jogging a few days a week just for exercise, mainly because it was the only type of exercise that I didn't hate. At the time, I never could have imagined running 5 miles. As I got older, I started to run more frequently, increasing from 3 to 7 miles a day. One day, I went out on a whim and ended up running a half-marathon. At the time, it was so out of my comfort zone, I couldn't believe I did it. I got the running bug, but didn't know how to train properly which leads into...
How did you become involved with 3RUN2? My first run with 3RUN2 was in Oct. 2016. I live right near the meet up spot for the Tues. AM group and my friend sent me a link to the website and suggested I check them out. I didn't end up going to the morning run that week, but checked out the Thursday night run instead. I had never run with a group before, and was such a noob that I remember thinking it was funny when we'd come to a stoplight and hear all of the watches beep. I kept up with the people towards the front of the pack (who I later learned were taking it easy that day) but loaded the run to Strava and got a few kudos from people I did not recognize. I went and checked out their profiles and was just blown away by the amount of running they did. I started to understand what it was to train, to run at recovery pace, to do workouts, etc. I was hooked. I started upping my weekly mileage and going on long runs consistently. As I started to come to the group runs more and more throughout the spring, I became friends with the crew, and they convinced me to sign up for my first marathon in the spring. I had planned for Chicago to be my first but I figured why not. I bonked big time at the end but still turned in a respectable time. As much as it hurt, I couldn't wait to start training for Chicago, and had the carrot of this racing team to motivate me. Now, I consider 3RUN2 to be one of the most important parts of my life. I've met so many great people and made a ton of new friends. Looking forward to many more miles and races with this group!


Liz Upward

Marathon Qualifier and PR: Grandma’s, 2019 - 3:16:13
2019 Goal Race & Time: TBD
How did you get into running? After college I moved to the east coast without knowing anyone and started my career in sports marketing. Without an immediate group of friends and making little money, I looked for an activity that I could do alone and for little to no cost. So I turned to running. I didn't love it immediately, but over time I grew to appreciate it and the benefits it brought to my body and mind. Many years later, I discovered the community, social connections and never ending progression of goals running can provide. I said at one point that I would never run a marathon. 15 years later, I'm about to complete my 9th marathon amongst countless other races and even more friendships made along the way.
How did you become involved with 3RUN2? Moving to Chicago meant again developing a new circle and so I sought out for a group of like minded people. My first intro to the crew was in 2015, when I ran the Berlin Marathon and met a member of 3Run2 as a part of the crew meet-up events organized by Berlin crew Run Pack. The next year (2016), I ran my first Chicago Marathon and remembered passing the cheer squad and thinking, damn, they know how to do it right. The next year (2017), I moved to Chicago and in my first weekend was at the Boston Marathon for Take the Bridge where I met more crew members. A few weeks later I attended my first crew run....and haven't stopped since.


Racing Team information and Criteria Update

While race times are not the only determining factor to be a part of the racing team, please see below for our current qualifying times:

  • Men up to 40: sub 1:22 half marathon / sub 2:55 marathon

  • Men 40+: sub 1:26 half marathon / sub 3:05 marathon

  • Women up to 40: sub 1:32 half marathon / sub 3:21 marathon

  • Women 40+: sub 1:36 half marathon / sub 3:31 marathon

Please note, it is necessary that you make your interest in the team known to our team captains- Andreas Knudsen and Matt Diamond prior to attempting or achieving qualifying times for a future team. Also, we will consider runners who achieve the above times prior to July for the second half of 2019 and 2020.

*We are aware that our half marathon standards are relatively faster than our marathon standards.  This is not by coincidence but simply because we identify ourselves primarily as a marathon crew and runners have more opportunities to run a competitive half marathon during a calendar year.

Racing Team Goals

  • Compete in Chicagoland races

  • Represent 3RUN2

  • Inspire non-team members to improve and make the team

Racing team members are encouraged to run either or both:

  • BoA Shamrock Shuffle

  • BoA Chicago Marathon

Requirements and Expectations

  • Above all else, be a great ambassador for 3RUN2

  • Help mentor the other runners within the 3RUN2 community

  • Invite and encourage people to become a part of the 3RUN2 community

  • Actively discuss racing, training, gear, motivation, etc. with all the runners within our community

  • Must race in the racing kit, no exceptions

  • Must race at least 4 races during the season (this number is subject to change)

  • Must have a marathon or half marathon goal for following year that is faster than the time qualifier

  • Must be an active member of the 3RUN2 community and have been around for at least one year

  • Must attend 3RUN2 group runs on a regular basis

  • Make an effort to participate in either track, tempo or long runs with other racing team members during training leading up to goal races

  • Wear 3RUN2 gear for group runs and related activities when possible

  • Must be committed to training and racing throughout the year (breaks between training cycles are obviously acceptable)

  • Be a cheerleader for all 3RUN2 runners