2017 3RUN2 Racing Team information and Criteria:

While race times are not the only determining factor to be a part of the racing team, the following qualifying times need to have been achieved in 2016 to be in consideration for the team:

  • Men up to 35: sub 1:22 half marathon / sub 3:00 marathon 
  • Men 35+: sub 1:26 half marathon / sub 3:10 marathon
  • Women up to 35: sub 1:32 half marathon / sub 3:20 marathon 
  • Women 35+: sub 1:36 half marathon / sub 3:30 marathon

*We are aware that our half marathon standards are relatively faster than our marathon standards.  This is not by coincidence but simply because we identify ourselves primarily as a marathon crew and runners have more opportunities to run a competitive half marathon during a calendar year.

Racing Team Goals:

  • Compete in Chicagoland races
  • Inspire non-team members to improve and make the team

Racing team members are encouraged to run either or both the:

  • BoA Shamrock Shuffle
  • BoA Chicago Marathon 

Requirements and Expectations:

  • Mentor runners within the 3RUN2 community
  • Invite and encourage people to become a part of our community
  • Actively discuss racing, training, gear, motivation, etc. with all the runners within our community
  • Must race in the racing kit, no exceptions
  • Must race at least 4 races during the season (this number is subject to change)
  • Must have a marathon or half marathon goal for 2017 that is faster than the time qualifier 
  • Must be an active member of the 3RUN2 community
  • Must attend 3RUN2 group runs on a regular basis
  • Wear 3RUN2 gear for group runs and related activities when possible
  • Must be committed to training and racing throughout the year (breaks between training cycles are acceptable)
  • Be a cheerleader for all 3RUN2 runners!