Lookin' at our Rollies, it's about that time

Want to join us for a run? All you have to do is show up. We welcome runners of all strengths. Please see below for more info. 

-Tuesday mornings in Logan Square at the California Blue Line, 2211 N California

  • Distance:  8k
  • 5:30AM MEET and RUN - Pace is typically 7:30 - 9:00 Min/Mi 

-Tuesday nights in University Village at Ph.D Pub, 1257 S. Halsted St

  • Distance:  5k, 4mi, 8k
  • 7:15PM MEET / 7:30PM RUN - Pace is across the board

-Thursday nights in Logan Square at Merchant, 3137 W. Logan Blvd

  • Distance:  4mi, 10k
  • 7:15PM MEET / 7:30PM RUN - Pace is across the board

-Saturday mornings, Crowdsourced every Friday afternoon- Chime in on our Facebook

Important, please read:

  • 3run2 is not liable for your safety. Please run defensively. Please consider running on the sidewalk. Please consider running without earbuds. 
  • Distances are approximate. Distances change from time to time depending on training. All distances are easily modified. 
  • Tuesday night & Thursday night tend to have the most runners. Paces are dependent upon those who show up. Always a good idea to bring a buddy if it's your first time and you're concerned about running alone. Definitely bring a buddy if you fall outside of the pace range on Tuesday mornings.