We Got A Story To Tell


I’ve always considered myself to be a fairly athletic person and loved competing in a variety of sports. Running was just a part of training for those sports. I ran high school track because of a girlfriend and even ran the Chicago Marathon twice while in college because I thought it would be fun cross training but even then I didn’t consider myself a real runner.

When I was 29, I was out on a light run when sudden tightness in my chest stopped me dead in my tracks. Some tests diagnosed it as a severely blocked coronary artery and I immediately underwent open heart surgery. I felt betrayed by my body and the doctor suggested that I dial back the level of competition to reduce the risk of overexerting myself. It was hard to come to terms with this new reality.

It took me time to recover and work up to physical activity again but I came back with a focus on running. I learned to listen to my body and how to pace myself. I picked a destination marathon and placed my trust in a training plan. I found a crew with Three Run Two and knew that even when I ran by myself I wasn’t running alone.

These days I run for that feeling of fast, of far, of high and low. For feeling alive. That’s why I’m a runner.
— Yoshi Saka