We Got A Story To Tell


I found out I was pregnant last year after I got sick running the Wisconsin Marathon. My husband and I had always been committed to running and cycling, but we’ve had to get creative with our training schedules since the baby. We do stroller workouts on the 606 and I’ve recently started run commuting to work. Typically one of us gets home from a run and hands the baby off so the other can hit the pavement. We value community and group training too, so we’ve been taking turns attending group long runs on Saturday. Three months after having our baby we ran our first race as parents at the Illinois Marathon. He ran the full marathon and I did the half. The 3RUN2 cheer squad collectively babysat our daughter while we raced. It felt amazing to hit mile 12.5 in the half marathon and get to see her smiling with the crew. She’ll appreciate these experiences when she’s older.