We Got A Story To Tell


When I missed my time goal by 68 minutes at the 2015 Chicago Marathon, I threw myself a pity party to go along with the distressing embarrassment. I kicked, screamed, cried and stayed in bed for 2 days as if my world had just ended. Quite dramatic, I know, but I could not stop thinking about what had gone wrong. The 18 weeks of 5:30am long runs on the lakefront, the tempo runs in the humidity, and all that time put in getting those miles up were all wasted. Discouraged and frustrated, I left my running shoes to collect dust; then my mom asked to go on a run with her and dad. She had recently encouraged my dad to give running a try, just as she did with me 3 years ago. On that brisk November morning, running with my parents rooted me back to why I ran.

We immigrated to Albany Park in the 80s and both my parents worked very long hours on minimal sleep to provide a clean home and home-cooked dinners every day for my grandparents, aunts, my brother, and me. When I asked my mom what she did on her free time back then, she basically laughed in my face explaining there was no such thing for her. The immigrant hustle was real and it was not until in their mid 50s that they were able to purchase their first pair of real running shoes and make their health a priority.

And to think I deserved certain results because I had invested 18 weeks for a race was simply delusional. It was through my parents I learned running was a privilege and for a period after the Chicago Marathon I had lost focus. I am extremely lucky to have the time, health, and shoes to do something I enjoy because there are so many others that do not have the opportunities. With the support of my family, friends, and 3RUN2 I re-laced up my shoes with the constant reminder of my beginnings. I cannot control the results of each run or race, but I will take every opportunity to put one foot in front of the other because it is a privilege to run.
— Kahee Yu

Make It 2 Go'


If we can't kick it with you, we can't run with you. Literally, and figuratively speaking. 

I've lost count of how many times we've expressed the above sentiment in one way or another over the last two years. It's a crucial part of our ethos that guides us in all decision making, no matter how big or small. Although this methodology doesn't always get one the popular vote, it has allowed us to steer clear of many distractions and focus on collaborating with other like minded people. 

We first spoke with David Jaewon Oh at the end of last summer. His plan was to photograph as much of marathon weekend (Chicago '14) as possible and wanted us to be a part of this undertaking. Without much hesitation nor information, we agreed. Let's just say we had a good feeling about the whole thing. 

Not only did we vibe on a friendship level, he was a pleasure to work with and ended up producing some of our favorite photos of Three Run Two to date. To say they capture the essence of our crew would be a gross understatement. David's photos allow us to relive said weekend each and every time we take a look at them. 

Last weekend, David paid us another visit to further build on his project. This time around, I was able to tag along to document the documentarian and his subjects. We'll keep you posted on David's project, "Make it 2 Go'" , but for now see below for some of my shots from last weekend.